Madam Speaker: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the U.S. Speaker of the House

October 20

“I’m here today to salute you all for the grassroots work that is being done to make sure that, when we Build Back Better, it is truly better for the children. And for the children, we must save this planet that we will pass on to future generations.”
“I think everybody will agree, whether they share our religious attitude, that we have a moral obligation to our children to pass the planet on in a responsible way. And then, of course, a world at peace in which they can thrive.”
“While I’m looking forward to seeing the San Francisco Giants go all the way next year, in the meantime, a deal is a deal.”

October 21

“Fifty years ago, the House passed the Equal Rights Amendment in a vote that was 354 to 24 — a strong bipartisan bill, taking us to the cusp of the ratification. Now, we have completed all of the states, putting us on the track to achieve ‘constitutional equality for all.’”
“John Lewis referred to the monument as ‘a monument to peace, to love and to nonviolent resistance on the front yard of America, to symbolize the cornerstone of our true democracy.’ Dr. King’s presence, while not a president, has brought luster to the front lawn, has brought justice to the front lawn and has brought many more children to the front lawn of America.”
“I come here not just as Speaker, but, as I said to my Caucus yesterday, I rise here as probably the person who has changed the most diapers in the Congress of the United States. And it is with this understanding of the fact that care can’t wait!”
“Steve Bannon has information central to this investigation — but is defying a Congressional subpoena. That is why the House today held him in contempt of Congress on a bipartisan vote.”

October 22

Madam Speaker meets with state governors.



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Speaker Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi

Speaker of the House, focused on strengthening America’s middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, dark chocolate connoisseur.