Madam Speaker: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the U.S. Speaker of the House

(May 23–29, 2021)

On Monday, Madam Speaker hosted members of the National Guard on the Speaker’s Balcony to express her gratitude on behalf of the American people for their tireless effort to keep the Capitol grounds safe and secure. Tuesday, Madam Speaker, joined by Representatives Karen Bass, Steven Horsford and Abigail Spanberger met with family members of the late George Floyd in the Capitol to discuss progress on the bipartisan, bicameral negotiations over the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. On Thursday, Madam Speaker joined leaders of the San Francisco Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community for a press event to highlight the enactment of the bipartisan COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.

Take a look at this week’s behind-the-scenes photos:

May 24

“The National Guard are American heroes and defenders of Democracy. Their presence in our temple of Democracy following January 6th, one of the most harrowing and horrific days in our history, has brought security, safety and healing to the Congress and indeed the Country. The United States Congress is profoundly grateful for their selfless service.”

May 25

“They’ve been here before to help us pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. On that day they said — in honor of Gianna, beautiful Gianna — would we name the bill in honor of George Floyd? My response was, ‘Only if it meets your standards.’ And here we are today, hoping to pass a bill named for George Floyd that meets his standards.”
“Following the murder of George Floyd, which today we observe the one-year — one-year commemoration of, people around the world flooded the streets for days and weeks, millions of people. Gianna said, ‘My daddy will change the world.’ And it means her prediction is coming true. And it’s coming true because so many people who’ve worked so hard for decades to make it come true.”

May 27

Here in San Francisco, we see the pain in our own community. We mourn with the family of Vicha Ratanapakdee, we pray for the recovery of Chui Fong Eng and we salute the bravery of Xiao Zhen Xie. These are just to name a few. These horrific acts of violence demand further action.